Zeitfields is proudly an Australian owned business

World class tobacco cigarettes

Deliver world-class tobacco cigarette 

Legal responsibilities

While Adhering to strict Legal Actions

Taking care of Customer Satisfaction

Taking care of Customer Satisfaction


Zeitfields Pty Ltd was incorporated under the laws of Australia to supply a distinctly competitive range of tobacco cigarettes products to the Australian market and offer the adult consumer a greater choice of tobacco cigarette products.

Whilst our priority is to meet the Australian demand for superior tobacco cigarette products, we are committed to working with our international partners and industry leaders to establish reliable and trusted supply chains across the globe.

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 Corporate Priorities and Objectives

 Corporate Priorities and Objectives

Our vision is to deliver world-class tobacco cigarette products to the adult consumers of Australia,whilst adhering  to the strictest legal, ethical and quality control practices. We are committed to achieving these corporate objectives by:

  • Continuing to develop innovative and superior tobacco cigarette products.​

  • Offering our consumers a variety of tobacco cigarette products.

  • Understanding the needs of our consumers in an increasingly taxing consumer market.

  • Working with the government and industry leaders on public health and other issues.

  • Exercising corporate responsibility in everything we do.

We are driven by growth and are constantly looking for new opportunities with suppliers and other industry leaders. Our corporate culture is focused on forward thinking,responsible leadership and innovation. We work with passion and integrity to offer our consumers an alternative to the mainstream tobacco products.

Corporate, social and environmental responsibility are the core values of our company, and we strive to conduct our business with these principles in mind. We are committed to uphold the highest standards of corporate conduct and believe in delivering value to our consumers

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Growth and Innovation for Future

Growth and Innovation for Future

Corporate Responsibility

We firmly believe in adhering to these strict tobacco labelling and advertising policies, to ensure that our tobacco cigarette products reach the intended adult audiences.

Support Government to Eradicate Illegal Tobacco Trade

We strongly support the Government’s fight to eradicate the illegal trade of tobacco in Australia. There is currently an issue of illegal tobacco being sold supplied or sold in Australia, resulting in in Government revenue going into the hands of criminals. This comes at a large cost to our economy. We stand in fighting the black market in tobacco, and urge for anyone who is aware of retailers or persons who are actively selling illegal tobacco to contact the authorities. Please call the Australian Customs on 1800 061 800. We will continue to support only legitimate trade in our products, and work closely with the Australian customs, and other enforcement authorities to address the issues of illegal trade. We are committed to marketing our tobacco cigarette products responsibly and in line with the Australian policy on labelling and advertising of tobacco cigarette products.

Tobacco Labelling and Advertising Laws

Australia was the first country to introduce the plain packaging laws, which constitute a key part of Australia’s comprehensive framework of tobacco control measures Since December 2012: All tobacco cigarette packs supplied to Australia must adhere to strict plain packaging laws which restrict the colours, designs and trademarks that can be used on tobacco packaging.

  • All tobacco cigarette packs must contain health warnings to cover at least 75 per cent of the front of cigarette packaging, 90 per cent of the back of cigarette packaging, including an information message on the side of the cigarette packs.
  • All internet advertising of tobacco products must comply with legislation restricting internet advertising of tobacco products.

Preventing under age smoking

We also strongly support the Governments laws and regulations prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to anyone under 18 years of age in Australia. A retailer or employee must ensure the customer is over the legal age before selling any products to them.


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